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Convenience 2.0, Proximity & the Transformation of Food

convenience proximity

The worlds of food service and food retail have undergone a profound transformation in recent years, driven by consumers’ desires for simplicity, accessibility and immediacy. Technology-enabled business models, and now the spread of COVID-19, are only accelerating the changes we’ve been witnessing. Many food companies have hesitated to proactively embrace these changes, but they no…

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TWIN Perspective: Restoring Trust in Food

Empowering human health through food demands the involvement of all stakeholders, including global food players. But today, we face an epidemic of mistrust across our food system – from the core science, to what is produced, packaged and delivered to consumers. This mistrust in our food system is a major barrier to achieving global progress.…

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KIN Forum: Innovation in Agriculture and Food

The KIN Forum on Innovation in Agriculture and Food, sponsored by John Deere and Intel, was an invitation-only gathering of 40 industry and non-industry leaders to discuss the future of the food and agriculture industry. 

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Clareo and Client Partner to Improve Healthcare in South Sudan

“I applaud Scott for the work he is doing to address that nagging problem that in our lifetime, one billion people will go to their graves prematurely because they never had access to a healthcare worker. This problem can only be addressed through collaborative partnerships, and my thanks to Clareo Partners for recognizing this.” —…

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Lessons in Innovation from the World’s Newest Country

Seven Key Principles of Leading Innovation in New Areas By Scott Bowman I am in the business of helping leaders of organizations create new value—that’s the job of innovation.  As a managing partner at an innovation and strategy consulting firm, I have come to learn that creating new value demands new thinking, which often requires…

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Never Leave Serendipity to Chance

Global Corporate Venturing Magazine, December 2014 How can established companies accelerate innovation to keep up with our rapidly changing world? Can corporate venturing create the conditions needed to identify the next big thing? With insights from Castrol’s innoVentures, Exelon’s Technology Ventures, Motorola’s Early Stage Accelerator and GE Ventures, this paper examines the benefits of corporate…

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