Convenience 2.0, Proximity & the Transformation of Food

By Scott Bowman

May 18, 2020 •

The worlds of food service and food retail have undergone a profound transformation in recent years, driven by consumers’ desires for simplicity, accessibility and immediacy. Technology-enabled business models, and now the spread of COVID-19, are only accelerating the changes we’ve been witnessing. Many food companies have hesitated to proactively embrace these changes, but they no longer have the luxury of waiting to innovate. 

In order to meet these new challenges and succeed in a post-COVID world, companies need to shift their understanding of convenience. Convenience 2.0 is no longer about place and product – it’s about proximity: meeting the consumer need at the point and moment of demand. Embracing these changes proactively, and the implications they pose, will be necessary ingredients for food companies hungry for innovation. 

Download the full article to learn about the shifting definition of Convenience 2.0, the five major changes food companies need to adapt to in order to compete, and three virtual tools they can use to succeed. 

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