Generate ideas that lead to outcomes.

Ideas is a cloud-based idea crowdsourcing platform for people inside the company to contribute and collaborate on new ideas related to the company’s innovation objectives.

Ideas is built on a set of beliefs that:

  • Creativity flourishes within a clear, crisp vision for innovation
  • Ideas should be directly addressing key business challenges and opportunities
  • Ideas are best understood when they are characterized in a consistent way
  • People need to challenge common conventions for breakthrough thinking
  • There is an appropriate balance between the quality and quantity of ideas
  • Everyone (not just the “creative people”) have a role to play in the journey

How Will Ideas Benefit Your Company?


Leverage best practices
for driving breakthrough thinking


Engage all employees in the innovation agenda by inviting broad participation


Move beyond a “suggestion box” to a set of highly relevant and actionable opportunities

How Ideas Works

Ideas is a cloud-based idea crowdsourcing platform for people inside the company to contribute and collaborate on new ideas related to innovation objectives.


Targeted Campaigns

Initiate specific campaigns built around themes that matter.

Common Platform

Create a centralized place for all ideas across the company.

Facilitated Prompts

Guide ideation through human centered design techniques.

Consistent Language

Define ideas in a consistent way through custom templates.


Learning Plans

Establish an interactive forum for testing and validating assumptions.

Get started with a Starter License.

Designed for small teams (up to ten users), our Starter License is ideal for launching your innovation toolset with a small group, or for testing the suite before implementing it across your organization.

Key Features

Single Sign-on
No need to remember a new username and password. Use your existing login credentials for your organization.

Rich Editing Interface
Create, manage, and update all aspects of the tools without any need to know web programming. 

Multiple Exporting Options
Save charts in a variety of formats and export data into a CSV to make it easy to present or move to other documents.

Send a link to share a specific project, or a saved report. Add a password for sensitive information. 

Mobile Friendly
Access all your projects, portfolios, reports, and more from your mobile device or tablet. 

Company Customization
Get a subdomain with your company name, and customize the tools with your logo, colors, and more.

Keep relevant conversations in one place by commenting on specific ideas, projects, and more. 

Robust Security
All applications on the suite are built with industry-standard security and the demands of enterprise organizations. 

Interactive Charts
Easily manipulate, sort, and filter complex data to better understand what's happening.  

Flexible Administrative Layers
Easily manage who can see and edit content across the suite. Restrict certain pages to just a small group.

Presentation Mode
Quickly toggle to jump into a focused, full-screen view you can click through.

Professional Support
Quickly get help when you need it with an online knowledge center and live support staff.

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