We are a global team of experts helping organizations tackle their greatest growth challenges.

The complexities of growth and innovation require a diverse set of viewpoints and expertise. There's a sweet spot in understanding your industry and the unique challenges it faces, while also bringing new solutions to the forefront.

We combine decades of industry and innovation experience with new ways of thinking about business strategy and business model design. We're ideas people, problem solvers, strategic thinkers, and business builders. Our eclectic team is comprised of thought leaders, analytical thinkers, and best-in-class facilitators. Our partnerships and alliance networks are unparalleled. With every engagement, we assemble the right mix of team members to come alongside you.



Council of Advisors


Former EVP & CEO Onshore, Ørsted
Former Chair, American Council on Renewable Energy
Founder, Blue Star Energy Capital


Former Chief Commercial, Marketing & Technology Officer, Baker Hughes
Chairman, FIS Chemicals LTD
Chairman, novosound
Non Executive Director, Logan Energy Limited


Former Group Executive, Growth & Innovation and Health, Safety, Environment and Security, Rio Tinto
Non Executive Director, Chalice Mining Limited
Director, Australian Renewable Energy Agency

Our Partnerships & Alliances

Clareo leverages a global network of innovators and thought leaders to provide clients with the latest information and diverse perspectives.

We bring fresh insights to business challenges and valuable connections to clients through our relationships with experts in business, government, academia, venture capital, and finance. Our sweet spot is convening multi-stakeholder groups, pulling in perspectives from across industries to uncover new solutions and growth opportunities. Our clients gain insights that lead to unique approaches, resilient strategies, and an enhanced business network.

Our Values

We pursue our mission while adhering to a set of values we call STRIDE: Service, Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Delight, and Entrepreneurialism.

The essence of STRIDE is that we deliver the highest level of excellence not only to our clients, but also to our employees, our alliance partners, our suppliers and our communities. It means we listen with an open mind, and make decisions based on our collective entrepreneurial expertise and high ethical standards. Through creativity and imagination, we instill in our work a sense of delight.


“Clareo was founded by entrepreneurs with an urge to create meaningful change through our ideas. As we’ve grown, we attracted people from a variety of backgrounds who share in that same spirit.

Allan Platt, CEO, Clareo

Our Culture

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