A network of diverse experiences

The complexities of growth and innovation require a wide set of viewpoints and expertise. With every engagement, we assemble the right mix of team members to come alongside you.

Our Values

We pursue our mission while adhering to a set of values we call STRIDE: Service, Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Delight, and Entrepreneurialism.

The essence of STRIDE is that we deliver the highest level of excellence not only to our clients, but also to our employees, our alliance partners, our suppliers and our communities. It means we listen with an open mind, and make decisions based on our collective entrepreneurial expertise and high ethical standards. Through creativity and imagination, we instill in our work a sense of delight.

We deliver the highest level of excellence to our clients, our community, and each other.

We believe that the collective efforts and insights of a team yield the greatest results.

We understand and believe that diverse views are essential to unlocking the insights and inspiration that lead to innovation and growth.

We conduct our activities in ways that reflect and amplify our values, demonstrating the highest level of ethical standards.

We look to inspire others and have fun in what we do!

We value creativity, passion, and curiosity, unconstrained by conventional thinking or a mindset that says “this is how it’s always been done”.


“Clareo was founded by entrepreneurs with an urge to create meaningful change through our ideas. As we’ve grown, we attracted people from a variety of backgrounds who share in that same spirit.

Allan Platt, Managing Partner, Clareo

Our Alliances

Clareo leverages a global network of innovators and thought leaders to provide clients with the latest information and diverse perspectives.

We bring fresh insights to business challenges and valuable connections to clients through our relationships with experts in business, government, academia, venture capital, and finance. Our clients gain keen insights that lead to unique approaches, resilient strategies, and an enhanced business network.

The World Innovation Network (TWIN) is an invitation‐only community of innovation and growth leaders from across sectors and geographies. Most of all, TWIN is a trust network across sectors and geographies. In addition to other activities, TWIN convenes annually for our summit in Chicago from 25 countries and all sectors: business, government, non‐profit, the arts, academia, defense. Our group includes leaders at the most senior levels of their organizations, as well as select individuals making differentiated impact around the world.

Strategic Branding Partner

Avenue helps clients launch new companies and products, and rethink new directions for established brands.

CRTI is a leading academic center at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, providing the latest research on innovation and translating it into practical value.

Academic Partner

Dr. Sawhney is a globally recognized leader in strategic marketing, innovation and new media. He is the McCormick Tribune Professor of Technology at the Kellogg School of Management and the author of seven books.

Colorado Cleantech Industries Association is dedicated to promoting Colorado’s cleantech industry.

Venture Partner

Chrysalix builds innovation companies that make a better future possible.

Our Culture

Green Operations

We believe even small changes can have lasting impacts. That’s why we evaluate how our work affects the environment. We strive to do what is good for the planet, conserving resources, and fostering healthier, happier communities.

Clareo produces great ideas, so while our energy consumption does not reach industrial scale, we arrange our offices to use energy and material wisely and recycle or reuse when possible.

When we moved into our offices in Chicago’s historic Civic Opera Building, we prioritized design choices that maximize natural light, and we used sustainable building materials and bought energy-efficient appliances. It feels pretty great here: be sure to visit us soon to see for yourself!


Social Impact

The best innovations build healthy, empowered communities with the resources to lift themselves out of poverty and despair. We proudly support the local volunteering our team members do, and as a business we focus our philanthropy on causes that help communities respond to pressing social and environmental needs.

It’s a perfect fit for Clareo and the most meaningful way we give back. Organizations we have worked with include:

Anacostia Watershed Society

The mission of the Anacostia Watershed Society is to protect and restore the Anacostia River and its watershed communities in the Washington DC region by cleaning the water, recovering the shores, and honoring the heritage. Clareo provides financial support and our COO serves as Vice Chairman to support this goal.


Through our work with the Development Partner Institute for mining, we appreciate and value Oxfam’s solutions for poverty around the world. Following the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, Clareo joined thousands worldwide in sending financial aid to help the survivors.



Clareo has made a substantial commitment to becoming carbon-neutral. We actively do what we can to cut down on energy consumption, and we offset our carbon footprint by purchasing carbon credits through TerraPass, which then funds clean energy and carbon emissions-reduction projects throughout the U.S., including wind power, farm power, and landfill-gas capture.

Mentoring in Kyrgyzstan

In 2012, Clareo partner Scott Bowman traveled to southern Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia, where he mentored micro-entrepreneurs and provided intensive training to Oasis Agro, a mid-size firm looking to scale its operations.



The People’s Music School

The People's Music School is a completely free music school serving children in the Chicago metropolitan area. Clareo supports their belief that music offers limitless possibilities for creativity, achievement and growth. In addition to our contribution, Clareo’s Financial Director donates his time and expertise to the school’s board.

Youth Action International

YAI works in rural areas of Liberia to help people break out of poverty, by providing scholarships, women-empowerment programs, public libraries and youth resource centers. Clareo provided a seed grant to YAI that was then leveraged with our partner, KIN Global, to become a $50,000 grant for YAI’s small business development initiative.

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