Allan Platt is Chief Executive Officer at Clareo, where he guides the firm’s strategy and operations.

Allan is an experienced leader committed to transforming the practice of strategy consulting.

Allan manages Clareo’s business practice, including strategy, performance, culture, risk management, and innovation.  As a founder of Clareo, Allan developed and integrated key principles and practices that define how Clareo operates today.  His efforts have helped to instill Clareo’s values deeply into every aspect of the business.  In responding to Clareo’s call to find new ways to deliver its expertise, Allan has built the strategic alliances and nurtured the teams leading Clareo’s growth and innovation.

Prior to Clareo, Allan served as Chief Financial Officer at ExtendMedia, where he helped the interactive media company navigate the technology sector crisis in 2000. Allan was deeply engaged with the privatization of the telecommunications sector in Europe and the consolidation of the cable industry in the United States while working at Salomon Brothers and Bank of America. Allan started his professional services career at Accenture, where he designed and implemented electronic trading systems for a leading asset management company and he created economic models of global debit and credit card payment systems.

Allan earned a BSc in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from Stanford University. He currently leads seminars on corporate responsibility and management of social enterprises at Northwestern University. He also serves as Vice Chairman of the Anacostia Watershed Society, where he is helping the organization restore and protect the Anacostia River in Washington, DC.

  • Financial Strategy and Operations
  • High-Growth Business Strategy
  • Start-up and Venture Investing
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Professional Services Industry
  • Social Enterprise Strategy
Featured Speaking Engagements
  • Management of Social Enterprises, Northwestern University
  • Business Finance, Northwestern University
  • Growth Portfolio Management, Technology Executives Club