Associate Consultant

Brianna Goodlin

As an Associate Consultant, Brianna Goodlin supports Clareo’s efforts to bring sustained innovation and growth to companies, and to help them build the capabilities to get there.

Since joining Clareo in 2015, Brianna's work has touched a broad set of industries including mining and natural resources, insurance, health care, energy, and industrials.

Brianna is passionate about the intersection of purpose and profit, ideation design, and helping companies to achieve radical efficiency gains.

Prior to her work at Clareo, Brianna completed a two-year interdisciplinary honors thesis exploring the politics and relationships between minorities in Denmark. Her research included in-depth qualitative interviews, historical and statistical analysis, and application of sociological and psychological theories to these populations and phenomena. She focused on understanding trends, analyzing cause and effect, and investigating implications, all skills that she applies to business.

Brianna received her BA in Social Studies from Harvard University.