Head of Software

Kevin Madsen

Kevin Madsen is the Head of Software at Clareo, where he leads the team building solutions for today's most innovative companies.

Kevin comes to Clareo from Silicon Valley, where he has built his career as a growth-obsessed enreprenuer. He cofounded SlimBooks.com with Casey Bankord (also a Clareo team member), and then began coaching other startup founders for a leading accelerator. He then was employee #9 at VSCO, and helped lead the business team as they raised $90M and grew into one of the most exciting and creative companies in the Valley. He served in various capacities, most recently as VP of Revenue.

He then transitioned to GoFundMe to found and lead their Business Development efforts. His efforts led to sustained growth, and high-profile partnerships with the New York Times, among others.
Kevin is married to Trisha, and they have three wonderful kids. He attended UCLA and to this day, don't try to text him during a UCLA basketball game - he won't answer.