Engagement Leader

Lauren Raouf

Lauren Raouf is an Engagement Leader at Clareo, where she focuses on how to align organizations, people, and processes to deliver innovation and growth strategy.

She has over a decade of consulting and entrepreneurial experience. She started her career at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), working as an associate, consultant, and project leader across a variety of industries out of the firm’s Washington DC and London offices. While at BCG, she worked with senior and mid-level executives to deliver pricing, operational, and organizational transformations. She later returned to BCG in Chicago as a senior manager to set up BCG’s internal leadership initiative, working with the firm’s top 200 leaders to redesign the experience of leaders at BCG and encourage the development of new businesses, geographies, and capabilities.

Lauren has experience running her own business and thrives in an entrepreneurial environment. While in business school, she co-founded a travel and party planning company that was part of Wharton’s Venture Initiation Program, and after business school launched and ran an independent consulting business focused primarily on retail, food, health care and fitness clients. In addition, she was one of the first employees of The Tobin Project, a non-profit focused on catalyzing transformational research within academia and government.

In 2019, Lauren joined Clareo to work with companies on all aspects of innovation and growth strategy, with a particular emphasis on how to transform a company’s people, processes, organization, and culture to support innovation.

Lauren holds an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School in entrepreneurial management and BA magna cum laude from Harvard College in Government, where she first began work on organizational learning and culture by studying how the Army and Marine Corps learned from counterinsurgency experiences.