Growth and innovation leaders need to innovate faster and drive results – now in a virtual environment.

We can help you meet the challenge.


Drive business results by focusing the creativity of your people on high priority problems and challenges.

clareo virtual offerings business results
  • Addressing COVID-19
  • Seizing new opportunities
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Transforming the business
  • Workforce
  • Customers and distributors
  • Suppliers, vendors, and partners
  • Research organizations
  • Venture and startup ecosystem

Virtual Campaigns

What is it?

These are employee idea crowdsourcing campaigns that address high-urgency problems and are executed through Forest Software, our cloud-based innovation management software platform scalable across the entire enterprise.

Our software equips you to run targeted campaigns around specific opportunities to pursue or problems to solve and solicit more valuables ideas from across your company.

Forest is intuitive and scalable, and we offer three levels of engagement depending on your specific needs.


  • Align leadership on key challenge areas (Insights Level only)
  • Rapidly source ideas from across the organization
  • Prioritize and select ideas to move forward
  • Activate learning plans to test and learn
  • Drive employee engagement and create a culture of innovation


Create your own ideation campaign through Forest Software and manage the flow of ideas. We'll walk you through our comprehensive onboarding process, and you can take it from there.

This option is best for companies that want to ideate around near-term, clearly scoped problems and challenges that internal employees already understand, and need an intuitive software platform that moves them through the ideation process on their own.


Use Clareo's two decades of ideation experience to prepare, design, and help execute your ideation campaign in Forest, ensuring best-in-class approaches to prompting ideas from employees.

This option is best for companies that want to run campaigns focused on near-term, clearly scoped problems but need help defining those problems and shaping their ideation campaigns before executing in our software platform.


Clareo subject matter experts will facilitate sessions to move you from insights to implications and challenge areas, aligning leadership on key focus areas. We'll then prepare, design, and help execute your ideation campaign in Forest.

This option is best for companies that are grappling with fast-changing domains, and need to align on key focus areas and execute campaigns.


Virtual Sprint


What: Short Ideation Sprint sessions (2-3 hrs) designed to collaboratively identify ideas and opportunities to address 2-3 well defined and scoped problems

Tools: Ideation Sprints, Forest Software

Participants: Small internal teams, typically 8-12 people, with a few select external experts

Time Frame: Each a few hours, with pre-work to set context

What is it?

Virtual sprints are short virtual ideation sessions, typically a few hours, designed to collaboratively identify ideas and opportunities to address 2-3 well-defined and scoped problems.

They typically address nearer-term problems that employees already understand well, but require collaboration and design thinking approaches to identify solutions.


  • A range of ideas to address key challenges, potential quick wins, and opportunities to adapt solutions from other industries
  • Preliminary prioritization of ideas
  • A further build out of the top ideas and criteria-based evaluation through Forest Software

Virtual Forum


Format: Series of short virtual ideation sessions to explore big thematic areas

Tools: Ideation Sprints, Forest Software

Participants: Large group (20-50); including external and outside industry participants

Time Frame: Sessions held over 1-2 weeks, with pre-work to develop the challenge context and stimulus

What is it?

A Virtual Forum is a series of short ideation sessions facilitated over multiple days, focused on strategic themes and designed for exploration and collaboration with a diverse and carefully curated set of external participants.

They address highly strategic, long-term focus areas where existing approaches aren't sufficient – these challenges require transformational thinking.


  • A range of ideas to address key challenges and develop an aspiration future vision
  • Quick wins, solutions that could be adapted from other industries, to truly new and transformational opportunities
  • Preliminary prioritization of these ideas and a further build out of the top ideas in Forest Software
  • Identification of potential partners, within and outside industry

Virtual Challenge


Format: Rapid engagement to scan, prioritize, and select potential solutions and partners

Tools: Ideation Sprints, Forest Software

Participants: Dozens (50-100+) of solution providers

Time Frame: Challenge execution in 2-3 weeks, with pre-work to develop challenge use cases, scanning and selecting potential solutions and participants

What is it?

Virtual Challenges are rapid engagements to scan, prioritize, and select potential solutions and partners, and includes companies from within and outside the industry.

Together, we will prioritize and assess solutions and companies based on evaluation criteria and their ability to deliver on the challenge use cases, through methods such as rapid prototyping.


  • Identification of potential solutions and partners to address the challenge, based on our preliminary hypotheses of desired future state
  • Transformational opportunities, often based on insights from other industries
  • An engagement with the potential partner(s) and internal teams to speed up the next phase of development

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