Data Driven Decisions: Exelon Hosts Innovation Expo

By Clareo

May 2, 2014 •

The theme of “data driven decisions” permeated every part of the second Exelon Innovation Expo hosted just outside Chicago on April 23. The expo leveraged surveys and data driven understandings of what worked and what didn’t from the inaugural expo in order to create a more educational and constructive expo for both employees and vendors. Clareo supported Exelon and their Emerging Technologies Group to conceive of and launch their ongoing series of expos. Robert Wolcott, a partner with Clareo and professor at the Kellogg School of Management, served as the master of ceremonies for the day’s many speakers.


Exelon CEO Chris Crane delivered the keynote address at the expo’s morning session, speaking to more than 500 employees in attendance and many more through online streaming. Crane made apparent how important innovation is to Exelon and its future. “For innovation, we must be allowed to fail forward, learning as we go,” Crane said.

Employees also contributed more than 40 entries for the Innovation Contest. Entries showcased innovation work happening across the company. Attendees voted on the best projects with winners receiving custom, 3D printed trophies and the opportunity to present their contributions to the executive committee.

“We want every employee to feel empowered to contribute to innovation at Exelon,” said Brian Hoff, the director of Exelon’s Emerging Technologies Group. “The Innovation Expo is just one opportunity for us to meet innovators from diverse backgrounds to help us develop the future of energy.”

The next Innovation Expo is scheduled for November in Baltimore, focusing on the “internet of things”.

By Michael Sherrin

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