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Clareo is a strategy consulting firm providing expert advice to the mining, energy and food sectors.

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For over two decades, we’ve been working with global, Fortune-500 level companies to build market-leading strategies and develop new businesses.

We take a collaborative approach to navigating complex problems in mining, energy and food, delivering actionable outcomes that move business forward. 

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We work with mining and METS companies to address the major challenges posed by rising demand for minerals


We help energy companies meet the challenges of the energy transition


We empower leaders to accelerate the future of food for health through collaboration and business design
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Clareo’s proven, proprietary approach furnishes our global clients with the tools to design and execute actionable strategies.

Drawing on our extensive experience, we deliver outcomes that drive growth and performance. Our FastPathSM service focuses sharply on your challenges and scales to deliver the results you need. When this service pairs with our expert network, we bring the best and brightest to your project to deliver clarity and enduring value.

Understand our services
Understand our services
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