How a new recipe can help food win in an Ozempic world

By Scott Bowman

February 26, 2024 •

Weight loss drugs pose a real threat to the industry. But GLP-1 medications also create opportunities for producers to expand in the food-as-medicine space.

The stunning rise of anti-obesity (GLP-1 agonist) medications has caught the food industry flat-footed. Walmart’s U.S. CEO, John Furner, signaled the impact when he told Bloomberg that people on weight loss medications are buying less food. 

Retailers and food manufacturers are feeling the effects as well and investors are growing concerned about the impact, given reports that conclude nearly 7% of the U.S. population will be on them by 2035.   

So far, the dominant narrative is that food loses out in the battle for better health, but the question remains whether food can actually win in an Ozempic world. 

The GLP-1 craze can accelerate the food as medicine movement, but the food industry will need a new recipe for growth.    

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