Governments should make starting businesses as easy as possible: Robert Wolcott

By Robert Wolcott

September 6, 2013 •


Economic Times of India – NEW DELHI: Governments should make starting a business as easy as possible but many times they make it as hard as possible, management guru Robert Wolcott said today. “Government’s role should be to make it as easy as possible for people to start and pursue a business. Unfortunately a lot of time, not just in India, governments play a role making it as hard as possible for starting a business,” Wolcott, a senior faculty in US-based Kellogg School of Management, told PTI.

Unfriendly government policy decreases the number of people who want to take a lead in starting businesses, said Wolcott, the author of ‘Grow From Within: Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation’.

According to a World Bank report, India continues to be a tough place for doing business and ranks 132nd among 185 countries in the last year’s list of overall ‘Ease of Doing Business’.

Wolcott said that there is lack of institutes that have capabilities to change mindsets of management students to become an entrepreneur.

“The mindset of an entrepreneur is a different kind of mindset. It is important to give more young people an understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur and how to become entrepreneur,” he said.

He said there is a huge potential in India for creating entrepreneurs and driving innovation.

“India has pockets of strengths that only few countries have in the world. But it is important to focus on pockets of strength and expand them,” he said.

He said that KIN, a network of senior executives for driving sustainable innovation, is collaborating with Hyderabad-based Woxsen School of Business to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in the country.

Wolcott is also Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN) which will hold its annual summit for the first time in India next year.

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