Jørn Bang Andersen to Lead Clareo in Europe

By Clareo

July 9, 2013 •


To better serve our growing European client base, Clareo is pleased to welcome Jørn Bang Andersen to lead our European practice. Jørn is a renowned expert on innovation in Europe with more than two decades of experience developing innovation and globalization strategies for companies, governments and regions. “Our clients benefit from Jørn’s solid experience in innovation and strategy. He understands the current climate in Europe and can spot opportunities for growth,” said Allan Platt, a partner at Clareo.

Jørn has helped more than 100 companies around the world with business model innovation. Earlier in his career, Jørn held a number of management and senior advisory positions for national and international government bodies.

“Cost cutting is reaching the end of the benefit it can provide. It is time for European companies to refocus on business development with innovation at the center of growth,” commented Jørn. “Europeans can capitalize on their expertise in delivering public services and their leadership in sustainability—especially their ability to incorporate efficiency and balance into design.”

Clareo is a strategy consulting firm designed to drive growth for our clients. If you are based in Europe and would like to discuss how Clareo can help your company grow, please contact Jørn at: jandersen@clareo.com.

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