Exploring the Social License to Operate in the Ag & Food Value Chain

By Scott Bowman

November 17, 2016 •

KIN convened a group of 20 leaders from a variety of stakeholder groups as a follow up to the successful KIN Forum Innovation in Ag and Food (sponsored by Intel and John Deere) held in June 2016 prior to KIN Global 2016.

The goal of this session was, as one participant said, “to catalyze the KIN Catalyst,” determine a theme and identify potential supporters for a future KIN Catalyst.

After a very robust series of breakouts and discussions the following theme was landed as the one that would be most appropriate to tackle the tough issues surrounding the declining social license to operate. The report provides a summary of the primary discussion points:

A New Innovation Agenda for Ag and Food

  • Trade-offs and transitions
  • Healthy food choices for everyone everywhere
  • Development (yields, new supply chains, addressing waste)
  • Responsibility – social and environmental

Download the full report.

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