The B2B CMO: The Time Has Come

By Robert Wolcott

October 7, 2015 •

Forbes CMO Network

The age of the B2B CMO has arrived: About 35% of Fortune 500 business-to-business companies now have a true corporate‐level CMO with a seat at the CEO’s table.

The CMO Forum, a group of leading global CMOs convened by Clareo, has a goal to help shape the future role of the CMO, especially in the b-to-b world.  We asked the members, each the top marketing officer of their respective global corporation: What roles should we envision for a company’s marketing leadership, and how do we achieve these in practice?

The result is the CMO Charter, a framework to bring clarity and structure to this rapidly evolving role, developed in collaboration with Professor Mohan Sawhney of the Kellogg School of Management and our CMO Forum members.  We’ll share the CMO Charter at Professor Phil Kotler’s World Marketing Summit in Tokyo, Japan, this month. Here is a preview.

Read the Article by Clareo partners Robert Wolcott and Peter Bryant

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