The Oil & Gas Industry’s New Normal: Rethinking Innovation Priorities in the Age of Low Prices

By Satish Rao

May 8, 2017 •

Drilling Rig- Aerial View

A new reality is emerging in the oil and gas services sector. Numerous forces are debunking industry orthodoxies and challenging industry players to envision the future in order to drive optionality in their businesses. In a new report, published jointly by KIN and Clareo and stemming from interviews with more than 20 key organizations in the global oil and gas ecosystem, experts urge the sector to increase the pace of innovation and rethink its business model, or risk facing its own “Kodak moment.” This paper identifies five emerging trends that are disrupting the global ecosystem, and provides a deeper look into the business imperatives and key innovation levers that will determine the ultimate winners.

Download the full report.

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