Clareo To Present At Corporate Venturing Conference

By Robert Wolcott

February 5, 2012 •

Exceptional companies build bridges between their corporate strategies and their innovation regimes. This alignment allows companies to remain ahead of the competition and drive strong breakaway growth.Today’s leading executives understand that innovation is more than just new technologies or products, rather spanning across all the ways business is conducted. Prioritizing those innovation resources has become one of the most important decisions a company can make, yet few executives have a complete view to successfully do so.

To address this need, Clareo will host a panel session, “Innovation as a Crucial Driver of a Company’s Growth Strategy and Corporate Venture’s Role” sharing first hand experiences and insights on how companies grow through innovation. Dr. Robert C. Wolcott, drawing on his experience at the KIN, advising companies and his book, will kick off the panel with a talk on this innovation challenge.

The panel will explore the importance of linking strategy and innovation and the role corporate venture has in staying ahead of emerging opportunities and threats, especially those that come from the start-up world. Panelists will provide insights into building a transformative growth strategy that focuses on innovation and how, in that context, corporate venture provides a powerful tool in scouting out solutions and capabilities they may not otherwise see until it can be too late.

Facilitator: Peter Bryant Partner, Clareo Board Member, Kellogg Innovation Network

Panelists: Dr. Robert C Wolcott Founder and Executive Director, Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN) Senior Lecturer of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Center for Research in Technology & Innovation (CRTI) Kellogg School of Management Author, Grow from Within

Roy Williamson Managing Director Castrol innoVentures BP Lubricants

Roger Colman VP Corporate Development Alticor Corporate Enterprises

Meredith Schwarz Manager, General Mills Ventures General Mills

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