The Development Partner Institute for Mining: A Call to Action

By Peter Bryant

June 19, 2018 •

Dear Friends,

This is not your normal business overview, but then again… this is not your usual institute.

We share with you, in this document, an overview to ensure the future success of a valuable and much needed initiative which strives to address the challenges and opportunities faced by the world’s mining sector. The initiative has been co-created by a multi-stakeholder group over the last five years – one that has gained significant attention with a broad group of industry stakeholders and participants. The key output to date, the Development Partner Approach (the Approach) as expressed in the Development Partner Framework (the Framework), focuses on transformational change in mining. Having proven the value of establishing a neutral multi-stakeholder forum for convening debates under the auspices of the Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN), we have established a permanent new home to continue and extend its work and potential impact.

Download the white paper.

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