Using Business Model Design to Combat Climate Change & Social Inequality

By Clareo

January 25, 2022 •

The nexus between climate, social justice, and economic inequality crystallized in 2020 during the COVID-19 crisis. As Paul Siegler, Managing Director at Evergreen Climate Innovations, noted in Clareo’s 2020 Virtual New Energy Roundtable: “the pandemic, racial inequality, climate change—each crisis is a health crisis AND an economic crisis AND a human rights crisis.” As the pandemic continues, Clareo sought to help create a direct positive impact for both the climate and vulnerable communities.

We received the opportunity to make such an impact via a large energy client’s investment fund — working pro-bono with one of their portfolio companies, a nonprofit focused on reducing energy consumption in boiler-heated buildings. 

Read about how we introduced a start-up methodology into a nonprofit context, applied our learning plans to help manage uncertainties, and the early successes the company is already seeing.

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