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The Digital Redesign: Reimagining a marquee innovation event to be digital-first

Download our case study of how we helped a Fortune 100 company successfully pivot a beloved innovation event to a digital format. We’ve all suffered through copy-paste events this year, as organizations have tried to port their in-person conferences into a virtual format, with little consideration of the unique benefits and constraints of an all-virtual…

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Part 1: Finding and Developing Business Builders in Your Company

Today’s corporations are not poor on ideas. They have plenty of them. Some are good, and some are not so good (to put it politely). Healthy, purposeful organizations often have capital to put behind them, resources to experiment, and access to back-office support to facilitate their advancement. So, why don’t we see breakthrough innovations coming…

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Part 2: A Business Builder’s Treasure Hunt

Market fources are fundementally reshaping the industry. In Part 1, we offered ideas on how to identify and empower business builders. Now: Congratulations! You’ve been selected to lead a project and build something brand new. It is exciting, interesting, challenging—and daunting.

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