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Energy of the Future

At Clareo, we help energy companies envision and create their future.


At Clareo, we help energy companies envision and create their future.

The global energy industry is in transition, with significant changes in the way energy is generated, stored, distributed, and consumed. Business models are at risk, as supply and demand trends, price and cost curves, technology improvements, and sustainable development goals upset conventional thinking.

New entrants in the energy landscape are challenging the status quo, and positioning themselves as energy leaders of the future.

They are often unconstrained by legacy capital assets and regulations. They drive relentless innovation by embracing experimentation and tolerating risks that incumbents find difficult to replicate.

The key question is no longer if the energy landscape will change, but one of when and how. Clareo works with companies to imagine future possibilities, and helps design and implement an innovation approach to drive future growth and value creation.

TWIN Tech 2020 | The Energy Transition: Cities, Energy & Sustainable Futures

Our panel from this year's TWIN Tech explored insights and implications for the Energy Transition, the pathway toward transformation of the global energy sector from fossil-based to zero-carbon by the second half of this century.

We started with a panel of industry leaders from Engie, Ørsted and Buoyant Ventures, followed by an in-depth discussion with Exelon on their innovative approach to impact investing for sustainability.

New Energy


The traditional model of centralized generation and one-way power flows is being challenged by changing customer expectations, new regulatory mandates, and the proliferation of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) – smaller scale power generation and storage that include solar, wind, battery storage, electric vehicles and other resources that reside behind the customer’s meter.

To adapt and thrive during this transformation, electric utilities must be able to meet demands for more renewable energy, improved system reliability, and lower energy costs. Digital transformation is happening at multiple levels in the industry – from grid modernization to customer solutions in the home – and must be leveraged with new approaches that require new business practices and capabilities.

Clareo has helped companies like Exelon, Constellation, Johnson Controls, Edison International and Baker Hughes adopt new approaches to innovation to meet the challenges posed by the changing energy landscape.


"Clareo helped the Castrol team reach further than it could on its own, by bringing in a broad range of perspectives and taking Castrol on an immersive, transformative journey designed to help it achieve a profound level of business insight and clarity."

Mike Johnson, Former CEO, Castrol

Oil & Gas


A new reality is emerging in the oil and gas services sector.

Numerous forces are debunking industry orthodoxies and challenging industry players to envision the future in order to drive optionality in their businesses.

To adjust to this new reality, firms must create new points of value capture enabled by digital solutions, develop new business models, and operate with the speed and agility that is inherent in the Silicon Valley model and being demonstrated by the unconventional companies.

Clareo works with leading companies like Baker Hughes and BP to help them rethink their innovation approaches and increase the pace of innovation to drive growth in their organizations.


"We've partnered with Clareo to build a culture of innovation at Exelon, a culture where our leaders and employees embrace the changes underway in our industry and seek out new opportunities for growth and efficiencies."

Brian Hoff, Vice President of Innovation


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