Maheshwari Rangaraju Hireholi is a Business Development Analyst at Clareo, building a bridge between marketing and account management to nurture relationships and optimize business processes.

Prior to joining Clareo, Maheshwari interned at Acme Experience Marketing where she helped execute marketing events for Panasonic, BIAL, and Volvo. She was part of the core team that executed “Seasons of Smile,” BIAL's largest event.

Maheshwari joined Clareo in early 2020 to help with outreach and business development for its innovation software, Forest. She helps companies achieve long-term growth by establishing and nurturing relationships with innovation executives, understanding their pain points and bringing them the right solutions at the right time.

Maheshwari received her bachelor’s degree in Commerce with a specialization in Finance from the Jyoti Nivas Autonomous College. Elected as the College Union’s Treasurer, she oversaw expense management, budgeting and sponsorship for inter collegiate events.