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Food of the Future

Adaptation in an Age of Transformation
We empower the next wave of innovators and change-makers seeking to transform the global food & agriculture industry and sustainably nourish the world.

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The next 30 years are the most important 30 years in the history of food.

An Exponential Challenge to Solve

With a population booming to nearly 10 billion people, we will need to produce the equivalent of the past 10,000 years of produce in the next 30 years, reduce losses through food waste and crop disease, while addressing the rising demand for water and energy use, which place great stress on already-taxed natural resources.
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An Emergency in Slow Motion

While we have made great strides in reducing undernourishment, we are now facing a global health crisis, and the food we eat is at the heart of the problem. Today, poor diets pose a greater mortality risk than any other risk factor in the world. We cannot feed 10 billion people in the future the way we’re feeding 7 billion today, or we’ll create a global public health crisis unlike any we’ve seen in human history—a massive headwind to global prosperity.

An Ecosystem amid Disruption

The food industry is being massively disrupted by exponential technologies, new startups and rapidly evolving market dynamics. It has optimized for scale, but speed and trust are the new basis of competitive advantage.  Established food companies will need to radically reinvent their entire innovation agenda and approach to be relevant. And the world needs them to do so—to scale the solutions we need for 2050.

Our Mission

To empower the next wave of change-makers and innovators seeking to transform the global food & agriculture industry and sustainably nourish the world

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What We Believe

We believe the future food landscape is poised for accelerated transformation—driven by technology, business model innovation and a rapidly transforming landscape—and that incumbents are facing an existential crisis.  Core beliefs that shape our thinking & approach:



What We Do

We help clients tackle their most pressing business challenges, developing new ways to adapt and grow in the rapidly changing food & agriculture sector.



Explore your ecosystem, plausible futures, and develop new pathways and strategy for accelerated growth and impact


Adapt and evolve your business model in response new opportunities and threats of disruption driven by exponential technology and the startup ecosystem


Organize for new business innovation – internal and external venturing, tapping into internal and external innovators and startups


Build venture capabilities within your organization – optimize for speed, adaptation and “minimum viable everything.”  Make decisions at startup speed.


Strengthen innovation capabilities and foster a culture of experimentation, learning and growth

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